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Subject of new book

I am the author of three Civil War books who has just recently begun the research for a fourth. My first books are Lost Soul, Long Time Gone and (the soon to be released) Home Of The Brave.

My new book will be called No Ordinary Soldier. My premise is that one CW soldier (only) from each Union and Confederate state will represent said state. I’m looking for men who are not well known (ordinary) but performed feats of bravery and honor. I would also like to tell the readers who these men were in civilian life.

I’m hoping that SUV, SCV, UDC and roundtables around the country would ask its members to suggest candidates representing their state. I think it could be a lively discussion.

I look forward to hearing anyone who would like to suggest an ancestor or any soldier who you believe would be of interest to the readers. The only stipulation is that there be enough surviving material for me to work with.

Please contact me:

Les Rolston
25 Emmons Avenue #4
Warwick, Rhode Island

Or at