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Some members of the "Lookout Rangers" of DeKalb County previously enlisted for twelve months at Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 1, 1861. The company served for several months with Smith’s 2nd Tenn. Cavalry Regt. When Smith's command broke up the company divided, a few joining this company, others forming Co. “A” of the 11th Alabama Cavalry Battalion. Officers and men of this company formed at Head Spring, Ala., Aug. 30, 1862, mustering at Lebanon, Ala., Sept. 7, 1862.

This company initially served as Co. "D" of the 19th Alabama Partisan Ranger Battalion. Usually called the 2nd Alabama Cavalry Battalion, it organized at Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 21, 1862, as part of Col. James R. Howard’s Legion (3rd Confederate Cavalry Regiment). That assignment never became official and the battalion continued to serve independently until combined with the 14th Alabama Partisan Ranger Battalion on Apr. 15, 1863.

From time forward it became Co. “I” of the 9th Alabama Cavalry Regiment, known in the field as Malone's 7th Alabama Cavalry. I apologize if this is confusing. If you have questions I'll try to explain more clearly.

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