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Here's my list from Gettysburg. Corrections welcome.

Captain John N. Chisholm - wounded 2 July, captured (died Fort Delaware 16 Mar '65 of chronic
2nd Lieutenant Alexander "Alex" Clayborn Chisholm - captured 2 July (born Nashville, TN)
1st Sergeant Stephen James Matthews - severely wounded 2 July, captured (born Lawrenceburg,
Lawrence county, TN)
Sergeant W. C. Smathermon - present
3rd Corporal Chiles C. Brewer - present
Corporal W. N. Cocherhan (or Cockeran, Cockerhan) - present
Private J. S. Brewer - present
Private/Corporal William S. Brooks - captured 3 July
Private B. F. Clemmans (or Clemmons) - present
Private Henry Davis - present
Private George Washington Durbin - present
Private John G. Durbin - severely wounded 2 July, captured
Private John Henry Garrard - possibly present, detailed as provost guard
Private Adam W. Green - present
Private C. F. Hamm - present
Private W. C. Hamm - present
Private Willis T. Harrison - captured 3 July
Private J. M. Hill - captured 2 July
Private Elburn C. Holden - captured 3 July
Private John B. Hough - captured 2 July
Private Levi Jarrett (or Jarret) - wounded
Private W. J. Lafan - missing 3 July
Private William R. Mackey - possibly present, detailed as teamster
Private J. S. McDonald - present
Private W. T. Mitchell - present
Private J. F. Moore (or Morre) - present
Private John W. Nugent - present
Private W. C. Pettus - present
Private B. F. Phillips - present
Private Jesse P. Rice - present
Private/3rd Corporal/5th Sergeant G. W. Richardson - present
Private P. S. Whitehead - wounded 2 July
Private (Francis) Marion Wilson - present (born Williamson county, TN)
Private W. J. Wilson - captured 3 July
Private W. H. Wood - severely wounded 2 July

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