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Re: Federal Casualties at Sulphur Creek Trestle 18

I will be more than happy to tell you how to get to the site. In the town of Elkmont, Al. there is a railroad station that has parking for the horse=walking path beside it. If you follow the railroad bed for about one mile south. The railroad at sometime in the past built a filled road bed that has a culvert at the base of the fill for the creek to pass through. As soon as you approach the south end of the valley and to your left there is a barn that sits very close to where the North Block House was located. At the south side of the valley and on top of the hill there is a modern house that was built ontop of what was the fort. As you walk south along the road bed, there is a marker that describes how the battle progressed. There also some remains of rifle pits on the hill near the road.

I hope that this helps.

Richard Young

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Re: Federal Casualties at Sulphur Creek Trestle 18