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Locating CW soldier's graves--Houston County, Ala

A group of genealogy/patriotic ladies are going out to all "known" cemeteries in Houston County, Alabama and photographing Civil War headstones and listing and photographing all "possible' CW soldiers based on their birth dates.

We are almost 90% finished with the "known" cemeteries. We are photographing the headstones and then researching to see if they were truly a CW soldier,his unit, etc.

We are now wanting any of you who know where abandoned or possibly unnamed cemeteries are in this county. We have found about 4 or 5 already; but, we are sure there are many more. Since we ladies don't just crawl around in the woods or hunt, we thought that some of you could give us some directions on where to look.

Houston County was Henry County before 1903. Before 1903, Henry County, Alabama went all the way to the Florida line.

If you have a CW ancestor buried in Houston County and know his unit or other information, please email me privately. If you know of cemeteries that we might not be aware that exists, please make us aware. If you know someone we should contact, please let us know.

We plan to publish a book when this huge project is finished and it will be one that will be treasured by all CW descendants.

Look forward to hearing from you concerning this project. Contact me: or Angela Harrell

Please do not ask for lookups at this time as we are trying to complete this project and devote all of our spare time to this.

Confederately yours...

Ceya Minder

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