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William Hughes, 51st AL Partisan Rangers

Looking for additional information on Private William HUGHES, Company D, 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers. His CMSR consists of a single Federal POW record. It is a Fort Delaware register extract showing that he was captured at Shelbyville, Tennessee on 27 JUN 1863 and arrived at Fort Delaware 7/12 JUL 1863. Society researchers found the same information on NARA Tape 40.

We also have a record of a William HUGHES who was a member of Howard's Squad in the citizens barracks in 1864. These were Confederate POWs who had asked to take the oath of allegiance but were not allowed to do so. They housed separately from the loyal Confederate POWs in the prison barracks.

There is nothing found so far to connect these two records.

Does anybody know anything else about William HUGHES of the 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers?

Hugh Simmons
Fort Delaware Society