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HELMS, Andrew T., PVT, Co. F, 23rd AL Infantry
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After reading George Martin's posting to this string, I looked up the record of Private Andrew T. HELMS, Company F, 23rd Alabama Infantry. Your query specifically relates to his second trip to Camp Morton after his capture at Resaca, Georgia on 14 MAY 1864.

Andrew’s first visit to Camp Morton occurred during his transfer from Mississippi to Fort Delaware in 1863. He was captured at Champion Hill, Mississippi on 16 MAY 1863, sent up the Mississippi River to Cairo, Illinois and from there by rail to Camp Morton. His stay at Camp Morton was of short duration. Andrew was among the first group of Champion Hill/Big Black Bridge captives to reach Fort Delaware arriving on 9 JUN 1863. Some 1,700 of these Mississippi captives were paroled for exchange on 3 JUL 1863 at Fort Delaware and sent south the next day. They were delivered to Confederate authorities at City Point, Virginia on the James River on 6 JUL 1863. There are clothing issue records in Andrew's file dated 8 JUL 1863 and 3 AUG 1863 documenting his presence back in Confederate hands as a paroled prisoner of war. The date of his declaration of exchange has not been found, but he was back in the ranks with the 23rd Alabama in time for the opening stages of the 1864 Atlanta Campaign.

The Fort Delaware Society would appreciate receiving from you a brief biographical sketch of Andrew's life before the war - looking for basic information such as date and place of birth, and of marriage, if any. Also, if you have a photo of him, we would appreciate receiving a digital copy so that we can display his image on our Photo Display Board. You can send this to the Society at

Hugh Simmons
Fort Delaware Society

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