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I suspect that he died at home while on sick furlough, either from effects of wounds suffered in battle, or disease.

William R. Willingham, 5th Sergeant, Company F, 38th Alabama Infantry
last shown present on the May 3, 1862 muster, he had enlisted April 26, 1862 in Fayette County

This was the one and only surviving company muster roll


38th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

38th Infantry Regiment was organized at Mobile, Alabama, in May, 1862, and remained there until February, 1863. Men of this command were raised in the counties of Clarke, Washington, Conecuh, Mobile, Wilcox, and Fayette. It was assigned to Clayton's, then Holtzclaw's Brigade, and took an active part in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Nashville. Transferred to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, it suffered many hardships defending Spanish Fort. The regiment lost thirty-seven percent of the 490 engaged at Chickamauga, reported 214 casualties at Chattanooga, and totalled 272 men and 71 arms in December, 1863. During the Atlanta Campaign, May 7-27, it lost 12 killed, 88 wounded, and 24 missing, had 236 fit for duty in November, 1864, and surrendered about 80 on May 4, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Charles T. Ketchum and A.R. Lankford, Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Hearin, and Major Origen S. Jewett.



The Thirty-eighth regiment was organized at Mobile in May, 1862,
and remained there until February, 1863.

Its first brigade commander was General Slaughter; then General
Cumming. Transferred to Bragg's army, it was under General
Clayton until his promotion; then under General Holtzclaw from
July, 1864, until its surrender at Meridian.

At Hoover's Gap, June 24, 1863, it went into its first real
battle, coming out almost unscathed; but at Chickamauga,
September 19th and 20th, its loss was very great. At Missionary
Ridge, November 25th, a large number, after fierce fighting, were

The winter of 1863-64 was passed at Dalton, and with the spring
of 1864 came the regiment's hardest work, in the Atlanta
campaign. At Rocky Face mountain, May 7th to 10th; at Resaca,
May 14th and 15th; New Hope church, May 25th, and at Atlanta,
July 20th to 28th, its losses were severe, both in killed and
wounded, and by capture.

In Holtzclaw's brigade, it went with Hood into Tennessee and
protected the rear of the army in the retreat. Transferred with
the brigade to Mobile, it was in the defense of Spanish Fort,
where it suffered its greatest privations. It held its original
organization until the end, and surrendered its remnant of 80 men
at Meridian.

Adjt. Alfred R. Murray was wounded; Capts. W. R. Welsh, John B.
Perkins and Charles E. Bussey were killed at Chickamauga; Capts.
W. H. Wright, wounded and captured; John A. Jackson, captured at
Missionary Ridge. Captain Jackson died in prison. Capt. Ben Lane
Posey was captured at Chickamauga, and wounded at Kenesaw.

The field officers were Cols. Charles T. Ketchum, and A. R.
Lankford, captured at Resaca; and Majs. 0. S. Jewett, killed at
Chickamauga, and W. J. Hearin, captured at Missionary Ridge.

Source: Confederate Military History, vol. VIII, p. 175

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