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Ft. Powell - Slave labor

I am looking for any insight into a record I found on that has me confused. I understand from some searching that Ft. Powell was in Alabama that is why I am posting this here. (Were there any others elsewhere?) The record reads "Steve Wigganton, Confederate, slave-lab., Ft. Powell, Nov 1863". Would this Steve been the slave laborer or the owner of laborers supplied to the fort? If he was the slave, was it common for slaves to take the owners' name during the war? I know this happened following emancipation but hadn't thought of it taking place before then.

It is also very interesting that I have records of a Steven Wigginton joining the USCT in Kentucky in 1864. If the above reference is to the slave himself, is it at all possible that this could have been the same person? I don't see how that would have been possible, but it is quite a coincidence that both have Steve/Steven for the names.

Any and all help is really appreciated! Thanks!