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Re: Cartrights, Alabama, 1866 Census

My typo. It should be "Nancie."

I xeroxed my data while visiting the library in Troy, AL. "THE 1866 POPULATION SCHEDULE FOR PIKE COUNTY, ALABAMA. Compiled by Susie K. Senn, Route 1, Box 116AA, Brundidge, AL 36010. dtd, 1996. Page 50. It lists the Cartright households.

And the surname was spelled without the "w." Also on this page were these remarks under other households: (one soldier disabled) (one soldier died of sickness) However, only a few households had such listings, and one of them was Cartright, Nancie, who is shown as living between Lenard Cartright household on one side and the Jane Cartright household on the other side... my assumption is that relatives tended to migrate together...

This being a Civil War site, I wanted to respect the site's focus and purpose. Just thought that details on the Cartright soldier might shed more light on family ties. I am going to take your suggestion regarding researching back through Coffee Co. AL. again. I appreciate your response. Thanks. And, again, if you have any info I am 'all ears' Best Regards, Judy

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