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AAG Walter's Peace Society Investigation

To anyone familiar with Asst Adj Genl H.W. Walter’s “Peace Society” report dated May 8, 1864 to General Braxton Bragg (O.R.R’s Series 4, Vol 3, ppg 393-398). In it is mentioned a conversation between “Colonel Seibels” and “Colonel Holly” about the possibility of a peace proposal which alludes to Seibels going to Washington D.C. As the conversation is the interpretation of two officers who were obviously eavesdropping I was wondering that it maybe open to some speculation. The proposal was regarding ending slavery by the end of the 19th century. The Col. Holly mentioned is J.J. Holly of Tallapoosa County and I think his rank is with the militia. He was a state representative from Tallapoosa County 1859-1863. I think Seibels was John J. Seibels of Montgomery, former Aide de Camp to Gov A.B. Moore and was the first Colonel of the 6th Alabama Infantry. Is this the correct? Walter's mentioned that he had suspected Seibels for some time but was unable to find more evidence. Does anyone know whether Seibels was indeed serious and attempted to carry through with his plan?