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11 04 1862 [Tuesday]

We regret to learn of a very serious Railroad accident occurred this side of Cleveland on Tuesday night, as the train was coming down from Knoxville. There were 18 killed and 48 wounded. Captains Cooper and Lt. Scott of the 33d Alabama were among the killed. None killed in the 10th Alabama, but five were wounded among whom were Captains Ashford and Smith. Four cars were smashed. The medical corps at Cleveland rendered all the assistance in their power. The cause of the disaster, was in the breaking of an axel of one of the cars.
[The Chattanooga Daily Rebel, Thursday, November 6, 1862]

Railroad Accident

A smashup up occurred on the Cleveland Branch Road Tuesday evening, in which 17 soldiers were killed and 50 wounded. We have no further particulars than that the accident was caused by the axle of one of the cars breaking up. [The Athens {Tenn.} Post, Friday, November 7, 1862]

11 05 1862 [Wednesday]

Cloudy day, rained a little this morn. A gloom was spread over the town this morn, caused by a sad accident which occurred 16 miles from here. The cable of a car broke, which caused 18 men to loose their lives, while 70 were wounded. They were brought to the hospitals. [Myra Inman, Cleveland, Tn, A Diary of the Civil War in East Tennessee]

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