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He served with a goodly number of kin folk.

Also in Company D were:

William Burkett (34),

Thos. L. Burkett (22),

Phillip Burkett (31) ,

Joseph L. Burkett (32) , and

Catch/Caleb Burkett (20)

33rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "A Revised Edition of the Thirty-Third Alabama Infantry Regiment in Cleburne's Elite Division - Army of Tennessee - 1862-1865," by L.B. (Tex) Williams. Originally published in 1998 by the Auburn University Printing Service. As Mr. Williams relayed to me in his fine book, "....this 357 page paperback book, complete with roster from the National Archives and the Alabama Department of Archives, is an easy read. It is not written in the style of the professional historian. Those who have it say they value it. There is a paucity of regimental histories from the Army of Tenessee as compared to those from the Army of Northern Virginia. The reason, I believe, is that most of the recording was done by the more educated people of the latter army. My own grandfather was barely literate. Schooling was scarce or nonexistent in this part of the country. Even Auburn University, which was then the East Alabama Male College, had about 100 students. They marched off to war as the Auburn Guards and became Company D of the Thirty-seventy Alabama Infantry Regiment."

"Tex Williams' book would be a wonderful addition to anyone's library interested in the Civil War, particular Southern History as well as pinpointing the trials and tribulations of this valiant unit of Confederate boys who bled red for their country. This excellent book has neat re-enactment photos dispersed throughout the book as well as the history of this unit. an appendix of the roster of all serving with detailed information on each lad, organization by companies, letters written by members of this regiment, acknowledgements, index, etc. Whew! You get the point.... Your best bet is to buy a copy of L.B's book now while there are still copies available and it goes out of print!" Reviewed by Ronald A. Mosocco, the owner of this website. While supplies last, Mr. Williams' book can be had directly from the author for $ 22.00 including shipping and handling by sending a check to: L.B. Williams, 715 Hollon Avenue, Auburn, AL 36830-6039 -- (334) 887-6766 (click here to see a copy of frontcover)

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