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It should be and listed under the name H. Burkett.

It is a beautifully printed Quartermaster's Department's-Form consisting of two cards. The first being the opposite side of the form with the first third of the sheet containing the filing data, No. 40 -Special Requisition, printed, followed by the pertinent abbreviated filing info in long hand. The actual form is headed:

No. 40, (Voucher to Abstract K)
Special Requisition. [In large outline font]
For ___H. Burkett Private, Co. D 33d Ala. Regt.________

The remainder being standard boiler plate data with blanks filed in to identify purchase.

Contains his signature at the bottom

These documents are worthy of framing.

Note: Apparently there was no central government printing office providing these forms. My guess is that these forms were obtained from local printing firm sources. Therefore, they varied in actual form, but not content.

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