The Alabama in the Civil War Message Board


Need help on S.E.Bradley born, 22 Dec 1843 Sicily, d/ 10 May 1910 Tuscumbia., Colbert Co. Alabama
buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tuscumbia,. Have been trying to locate all Confederates in Colbert Co.
Ran across S.E. obit and it says he was born in Sicily came to America ( Mobile Al. ) at the out break
of the War he inlisted in the Confederate Navy with Admirial Semmes it also states he was on the
Kearsage with Semmes, this must be a typo, Kearsage was a yankee vessell or was he sunk with the
CSS Alabama and picked up by the Kearsage. I am unable to locate anything that tells me he was in the
Navy can anyone help me out.
S.E. came to Tuscumbia, abt 1885 and became the roundhouse foreman for the Memphis and Charleston
Rail Road, train depot.
Thanks Scott Dawsey
Tuscumbia, Alabama