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Ala. Census of Confederate Veterans, 1907 & 1921

This is a new collection available to those of you with Ancestry memberships. Original county registers are available, not just transcripts, and valuable for family researchers needing source information for exact place and date of birth. Here's the Ancestry description -

This is a collection of two censuses of Confederate Soldiers residing in Alabama in the early 1900s. Both were carried out more for pension purposes than for numbering purposes, but the census counted any Confederate veterans residing in Alabama, not just those who served for a regiment or company from Alabama.

1907 Census

This established a record of Confederate soldiers who resided in Alabama, whether they had served for Alabama or some other state. It didn’t matter if they had served in the Army, Navy or any other organizations from other states.

The census was arranged by county because it was taken by the individual county’s tax assessors and then alphabetically by name. Two copies were made at the same time. One was sent to the Department of Archives and History, the other was kept by the county. The records contain:

•Place of residence
•Birth date
•Enlistment rank
•Enlistment date
•Enlistment place
•Re-enlistment information
•Termination of service
•Brief mention of conscript, staff or ordinance officer, home guard, escort or reserve company

1921 Census

This census was to prepare a permanent pension roll or record of any soldier who fought for Alabama or the Confederate States of America. The soldiers or wives of deceased soldiers who did not own property worth more than $5,000 and did not earn more than $1,200 per year were to be added to the pension roll.

The records contain:

•Pension roll number
•Birth place
•Date of birth
•Previous out-of-state residences and dates
•Military history
•Marital status
•Name, age, birth place of wife
•Place of marriage
•Current occupation
•Names of living children
•Voter status
•Current receipt of pension