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23rd infantry battalion sharpshooters

Hello, my name is Adam D. Davenport, G.G.G.G. Grandson of John Forbes Davenport who served in the 23rd Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters from May 14, 1862 to when he died in battle in July 9, 1864. I have the letters he sent to his family while he served at that time up until 2 months before he was shot and killed. The letters have just now surfaced as they were lost since right before he died. I have a hobby of family history and was wondering if anyone out there could supply me with information as to the units movements and who all served with him as well as the type of rifle he used. In the letters he mentions at one point he was armed with "the best revolving rifle five shooter" where he shot 37 rounds and "tuck good ame". He also mentions that General Gracey "flue from wing to wing between the fire of both armies giving command.... two horses where shot from under him and meney meney shot went throu his clothing. I had seven shot in throu my coat but non more than grained the skin." Any one that could help me would receive my greatest appreciation!

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23rd infantry battalion sharpshooters
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