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As you probably already know, the NPS S&S site only identifies 11 men as being members of the 64th AL. Thomas Kent is not among these.

The AL Dept. of Archives & History says that IF such a regiment existed (and we both believe it would have been a late-war regiment), then it probably served the last few months of the war around Mobile.

Confederate burials for Dale County, AL, in SE AL, (see website at list three men as having been in the 64th AL.

In CS Misc. files, an "A.G. Gunn" appears on a receipt roll for pay as a pioneer in "Wilcox Light Div." at the rate of 25 cents per day from Dec. 15-Dec. 31, 1863.

Can't tell if he's the same man as your captain.

That all I gots! -- Jim Huffman, Violett Guards

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