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Mark --

I'm not an expert on this topic, but in the early months of the war one would expect an Alabama Volunteer Corps company like the Alabama Zouaves to be wearing AVC uniforms. Regulations were published in March 1860, and if I'm not mistaken this company organized afterwards. Companies like the Montgomery True Blues that had already organized and adopted a uniform were not obliged to comply with AVC uniform regulations.

AVC is difficult to study because there's so little in print. Much of what I've read came from Alabama Senate and House Journals of 1859-1861 and Alabama newspapers from that period. Organization of the AVC more than a year prior to Fort Sumter provided the State of Alabama with 8,000 trained and armed volunteers in almost every county. Had the AVC not existed, the Confederate army in 1861 would have been required to rely on a far weaker contingent of companies from Alabama.

Being obsolete, the AVC was abolished by state law in November 1861.

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