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48th Alabama may 1864


I was hoping for some help compiling a list of fatalaties for the 48th alabama Infantry for the Overland Campaign. It seems they didn't suffer as much as the other regiments of Law's Brigade. I only have 7 names so far, but I think there should be more. Most of my current info comes from a roster on Ken Jone's site. These are the names I have:
Adj.Figuera,Henry S. kia wilderness; Pvt.Bailey,Peter A.(co.D) kia wilderness; Pvt.Balew,James M I (co.G) kia wilderness; Pvt.Clore,Samuel A (co.B) kia wilderness; Pvt.Dowdy,William R (co.I) kia cold harbour; Pvt. Hopkins,Starling F (co.A) mw wilderness; and Pvt.Sly,John T (co.C)kia sposylvania.
Any additions or corrections, aswell as any other info regarding to the regiment during the Overland campaign would be most welcome. Thanks.