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The company letter designation given for the "Confederate Guards" should be "C", 11th Alabama Regt, not "E". Gov A B Moore accepted Capt Stephen F Hale's "Confederate Guards" for service in the Alabama Volunteer Corps on Apr 26, 1861. ADAH has the blue form used to authorize commissions of company officers. Paper used by Gov Moore for these commissions does not bear the usual E Pluribus Unum watermark frequently used for other AVC companies. On June 11, 1861, Hale was elected Lieut Col of the 11th Alabama Regt, and Sanders became Captain of the "Confederate Guards," the company entering Confederate service the same day.

Sanders was one of twenty graduates with titled degrees of the University of Alabama, Class of 1861 --

Austill, Hurieosco, A B, Mobile. Capt Co F, 22nd Alabama Regt. Also Lieut 1st Alabama Artillery Battn.
Baker, Richard Emmet, A B, Elyton. Lieut Co H, 40th Alabama Regt.
Burgin, John Davis, A B, Tuscaloosa. Capt. Co F, 50th Alabama Regt.
Clark, George, A B, Eutaw. Capt. Co B, 11th Alabama Regt.
Clarke, Richard Henry, A B, Dayton. Lieut. Co A, 1st Alabama Art Battn.
Cockrell, Leonidas Aurelius, A B, Livingston. Sgt Co G, 44th Alabama Regt.
Davis, John Dempsey, A B, Plantersville. 1st Sgt Co E, 44th Alabama Regt.
Duggar, Luke White, A B, Macon Station (Marengo County). Lieut Gid Nelson Alabama Battery.
Farley, Francis, A B, Cross Keys. Died at the University of Alabama, May 1861.
Hall, James Abercrombie, A B, Montgomery. Capt Co K, 24th Alabama Regt.
Herbert, Dozier Godfrey, A B, A M, Deer Creek, Miss. Lieut Co K, 5th Alabama Regt; Capt Co I, Lay's Confederate Cavalry.
Knox, John Calhoun, A B, Greene County. Capt Co B, 36th Alabama Regt.
Lewis, Paul Hamilton, A B, Montevallo. Lieut Co C, 10th Alabama Regt.
Martin, Horace Walpole, A B, Tuscaloosa. Pvt Lumsden's Alabama Battery.
Massey, John, A B, A M, LL D, Nicholson Store, Choctaw County. Adjt of 1st Battn, Hilliard's Alabama Legion.
McKeithan, Thomas Chancey, A B, Robinson Springs. 6th Alabama Regt; later Surgeon 3rd Alabama Cavalry.
Phelan, John, A B, Montomery. 1st Sgt Co H, 5th Alabama Regt; later Capt of Phelan's Alabama Battery.
Sanders, John Caldwell Calhoun, A B, Clinton. Capt Co C, 11th Alabama Regt; later Col 11th Alabama Regt and Brig Gen.
Vaughan, Edward Bressie, A B, Tuscaloosa. Capt Co F, 50th Alabama Regt.
Young, William Brooks, A B, Linden. Lieut Co A, 11th Alabama Regt.

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