The Alabama in the Civil War Message Board

4th Alabama Black Confederates

Published in the 17 May 1861, Rockingham Register & Virginia Advertiser, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., page 2, column 3.

We learn from a gentleman who came up from Harper's Ferry on Tuesday, that he met 1,254 gallant Alabama volunteers, on their way to join our troops at the Ferry. They were all armed to the teeth, and had with them from 50 to 75 negroes, all of whom were also armed, and ready to fight for themselves and their masters. They went down with flags flying, the negroes hurrahing for "Masse Jeff Davis!" and declaring they were bound to have "old Abe Lincoln's head!" These poor negroes know very well that their greatest enemies are the enemies of the South. These Alabamians are generally men of wealth, and they insist upon bearing their own expenses.--They say they came to Virginia to fight for her citizens who are their brethren, and not to put them to expense. They are in for the war.