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July 1863 train itinerary and fares

In the diary of [Lt.] Robert Emory Park (12th Alabama Regiment), published in Southern Historical Society Papers, vol. XXVI (1898), p. 15, Park lists details of his train ride from Richmond, Virginia to La Grange, Alabama after being released from Hospital no. 4 in Richmond. His trip took about 56 hours and cost $33.75 (Confederate) dollars total.

-July 15/16 Left on afternoon train for home. Supped at Petersburg. Paid $6 fare from Richmond to Weldon, NC, 85 miles.
-July 17 Fare from Weldon to Raleigh $5., 98 miles. From Raleigh to Charlotte, 175 miles, fare $8.75
-July 18 Half fare to Columbia, SC, 110 miles, $3.25
-July 19 Half fare to Augusta, GA, 143 miles, $3.25; half to Atlanta, 171 miles, $4; and full fare from Atlanta to La Grange, 71 miles, $3.50. Arrived at La Grange, my birthplace, 11 o'clock at night, and went to my sister's, Mrs. M. C. Huntley's.
-July 21 Hired Tommy Davis to drive me to Greenville, going 20 miles in 6 1/2 hours. Had a joyful meeting with my mother and sister.