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The first command to be involved in collecting deserters and conscripts was Lockett's City Guard.

The "City Guard" was a provost company recruited from Camp of Instruction No. 2 (Talladega), AKA Camp Buckner. Lockett had been Captain of Co “F”, 20th Alabama Regt. He resigned his commission, returned home and was appointed 1st Lieutenant P.A.C.S. Nov. 18, 1862, to rank Oct. 28, 1862, while serving at Talladega, Ala. Members appear to be from a dozen or so counties in central Alabama. Officers included Lockett and two other lieutenants who had been drillmasters at Camp Buckner.

Mention of a company of provost guards first appears in the Talladega citizens petition dated Jan. 24, 1863. Lockett probably collected volunteers for this unit at the camp during December 1862 and January 1863. Most of them had enrolled earlier, some as early as August 1862 from Jefferson County. General Bragg learned of the company's existence and would have ordered it to the front. Before orders could be drafted the company changed station to Selma, which was in the Department of the Gulf and out of Bragg's reach. First mention of Selma appears in a requisition of Apr. 1, 1863, listing 3 officers and 126 enlisted men. They are evidently without arms. Lt. King signs a requisition for 1000 ball cartridges and 127 musket flints three weeks later. There's a regular flow of documents up to January 1864, and then it all stops. King goes to a junior reserve company, Lockett returns to Talladega as a drillmaster, and I haven't seen staff records for Lt. Kelly yet. So this unit seems to have a life span of just over a year, from December 1862 at the earliest to January 1864.

Other Confederate units to operate out of Talladega were led by Capt Thomas Hall Lewis from Dallas County, Ala. Based at Talladega, Alabama, companies organized by Lewis and Capt William V Harrell served together as Lewis’ Cavalry Squadron since Jan 16, 1863. During the following winter, local defense companies led by Captains Morris and Truss also operated with Lewis. Until these companies were released from the Conscript Bureau and ordered into active service in the Spring of 1864, these were the men who would have been rounding up conscripts and deserters in Talladega County.

Have lot more on Alabama state militia in Talladega County (1864-65) if that's what you need.

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