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Officer confusion?

Hi, can anybody clarify the field officers of the following regiments? There seems to be some confusion in the sources I can find. This is what I have so far:

1st Alabama Militia (Jackson County)- Col. John A. Shelton, Lt.Col. ?, Maj. ?
1st Alabama (Volunteer Corps) - Col. John B. Todd, Lt.Cols. John R. Ketchum?, Robert T. Jones?
1st Alabama (Volunteer Militia 90 days) - Col. William M. Byrd ?, Lt. Col. ?, Maj. ?
1st Alabama (State Volunteers) - Cols. Walter Smith, William A. Buck, Lt.Cols. Thomas S. King, R. M. Sands, Maj. William B. Dennett

2nd Alabama Militia (Madison County) - Col. B. B. O'Neal, LtCol. ?, Maj. ?
2nd Alabama (Volunteer Corps) - Col. Tennant Lomax, Lt.Col. Cullen A. Battle, Maj. Samuel Marks
2nd Alabama (Volunteer Militia 90 days) - Col. John H. Higley, Lt.Col. Palmer J. Pillans, Maj. Alexander W. Lampkin
2nd Alabama (State Volunteers) - Col. James Crawford, Lt.Col. Andrew J. Ingersoll, Maj. Frederick Stewart

3rd Alabama Militia (Madison County)- Col. James W. Davis, Lt.Col. William H. Ward, Maj. A. D. Lansden(sp?)
3rd Alabama (Volunteer Corps) - Col. Henry D. Clayton, Lt.Cols. Alpheus Baker, Joseph Jones, Isaac G. W. Steedman?, Majs. James C. Lewis, Jere N. Williams?
3rd Alabama (Volunteer Militia 90 days) - Col. John Forsyth, Lt.Col. W. A. LeBaron, Maj. T. K. Irvin

4th Alabama Militia (Limestone County)- Col. William H. Hundley, Lt.Col. R. C. Roberts, Maj. C. Glazer
4th Alabama (Volunteer Militia 90 days) - Cols. William M. Byrd?, William A. Buck?, Lt.Col. Richard C. Randolph, Maj. James M. Smith

Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Osborne

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