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Adjutant Generals

From a notice in the Montgomery Daily Mail for 29 July 1864 it appears that during the war the state had two Adjutant Generals. One was termed Adjutant and Inspector General of the State, the other was termed Adjutant and Inspector General of Militia.

From various sources (OR, Fold3, Newspapers and ADAH Register of Officers etc.) I have pieced together who I think served in these posts.

A&IG State
Samuel P. NeSmith (Feb 1860-Jan 1861)
George Goldthwaite (Feb 1861 - Jan 1864)
Joel Riggs (Feb 1864 - Apr 1865)

A&IG Militia
Joel Riggs (Feb 1861 - Mar 1861)
Hugh P. Watson (Mar 1861 - Dec 1861)
Richard O. Pickett (Dec 1861 - Jan 1862)
Hugh P. Watson (Jan 1862 - Apr 1865)

Can anybody confirm the above or have any other information?