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Captain Pucket

Any ideas as to the identity of Captain Pucket(t) and/or his command?

"From information gained at Warrenton I became satisfied that a number of cavalry were in and around Guntersville. I decided to cross ten men, under command of a non-commissioned officer, at Beard's Bluff Landing, and with the balance proceed to Gunter's Landing, passing through Guntersville. Two miles from the latter place, at the house of Colonel Henry, we came upon their pickets and mortally wounded 1 and captured 2 horses and equipments complete.

We passed through Guntersville without discovering the enemy, and crossed my whole command in one canoe, including twenty negroes and three deserters, excepting myself and the rear guard, consisting of a non-commissioned officer and eight men, when a company of cavalry, about fifty strong, under the command of Captain Pucket, formerly commanding post of Guntersville, filed out from behind a point of woods and dashed down, intending to capture us. A well-directed volley caused them to fall back a short distance, but they came back almost as soon as they were away, and opened fire at short range. A portion of their force was dismounted and passed around to our right, under cover of the woods, and opened fire upon us at about seventy-five yards. We drove them back in a few moments.

I saw my position was a critical one, and ordered a squad to recross and land on the island, by which means we opened on them at very close range, which caused them to fall back beyond Guntersville. The whole affair lasted about three-quarters of an hour. Captain Puckett admits a loss of 3 killed and 4 or 5 wounded. We brought across 4 horses and 2 mules. Their firing was very wild, most of their shots passing far above our heads. None of my command were injured."

Lieut. John T. Fish, Co. C., 13th Wisconsin Infantry
Gunter's Landing, July 12, 1864
OR Vol. 39, Chap. 51, Part 1 page 356