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Thank You to the web site

Hi - I hate to do this via an open thread but I am desperately trying to reach Jim Martin, the webmaster, and no other option I have tried has worked. I have a book ready to be published and want to give credits in the book to the help I received over the years to this website and to many of the people who regularly helped me.

If possible, could Jim, or anyone else from the site, contact me at my personal email address? --

I simply could not have completed my book over a long ten-year journey if I had not found this site as a resource and I want to give credit appropriately. Thank you so much.

For anyone finding this site for the first time, you will be amazed at the help you receive, the knowledge of these folks, and the willingness to share important historical context. It has been a joy for me to use this site; I am grateful there remain people so willing to share our history.

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Thank You to the web site
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