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Helena -- 32nd Arkansas

Here is a list of casualties sustained by the 32nd Arkansas Regiment at the attack on Helena, July 4, 1863. My list contains 101 names. The Official Records do not include an after-action from this regiment.

Adcock, James—Private, Co. H; captured.
Adcocks, Joshua—Private, Co. D; captured.
Armstrong, Franklin H—Private, Co. A; captured.
Arnold, Christopher A—Sergeant, Co. K; wounded and captured.
Bailey, Roan B—Private, Co. A; captured.
Black, John W—First Sergeant, Co. D; wounded and captured.
Bland, John—Captain, Co. D; severely wounded, left arm.
Booth, Osborn T—Corporal, Co. A; captured.
Braselton, Judson—Private, Co. D; severely wounded, both legs.
Brown, J J—Private, Co. K; captured.
Bryan, Robert—Private, Co. D; wounded and captured; died of wounds.
Camp, Robert B—First Lieutenant, Co. E; captured (erroneously reported as killed).
Caplenar, J T—Private, Co. B; captured.
Cariker, Charles—Private, Co. E; killed.
Carter, C W—Private, Co. E; captured.
Carter, J T—Private, Co. G; killed.
Chappell, Gorrin—Private, Co. D; severely wounded, hip.
Cherry, Levi—Private, Co. G; captured.
Clark, Leander M—Private, Co. H; seriously wounded, arm.
Cook, Henry—Private, Co. D; captured.
Cooper, William A—Corporal, Co. I; severely wounded, leg.
Crow, James—First Sergeant, Co. C; severely wounded, left shoulder.
Cuness, P B—First Lieutenant, Co. H; captured.
Dodd, J F—Private, Co. B; captured.
Dowty, W D—Private, Co. D; captured.
Duke, C M—Private, Co. K; wounded and captured.
Epps, Thomas A—First Lieutenant, Co. D; killed.
Eskew, Lafayette—Private, Co. D; severely wounded, right shoulder.
Farrigher, William M—Third Lieutenant, Co. I; captured.
Garrett, Lewis—Private, Co. E; seriously wounded, arm.
Gibson, Ivey—Corporal, Co. D; slightly wounded, head.
Gosnell, N—Private, Co. K; slightly wounded, arm.
Gray, Benjamin F—First Sergeant, Co. F; slightly wounded, side.
Gray, William G—Third Lieutenant, Co. F; severely wounded, side.
Greer, J M—Private, Co. K; severely wounded, side and arm.
Hadaway, J S—Private, Co. I; captured.
Harness, John W—Private, Co. F; slightly wounded, knee.
Harris, Cannon—Private, Co. D; captured.
Hays, Thomas N—Private, Co. F; captured (erroneously reported as killed).
Hicks, William T—Lieutenant-Colonel; slightly wounded, right forearm.
Hill, Cyrus W—Second Lieutenant, Co. B; severely wounded, arm.
Hillsman, William—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured (erroneously reported as killed).
Hood, R—Private, Co. B; wounded and captured.
Hood, William—Private, Co. A; mortally wounded, side; died of wounds.
Hopper, J M—Private, Co. B; wounded and captured; died of wounds.
House, Jefferson J—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Hulsey, Charles—Private, Co. G; captured.
Kelly, William—Sergeant, Co. G; captured.
Kelton, J J—Private, Co. K; severely wounded; missing.
Kilpatrick, Thomas—Private, Co. K; severely wounded, arm.
Lyon, J W—Sergeant, Co. C; captured.
McBride, John R—Sergeant, Co. H; captured.
McCallister, Richard A—Private, Co. A; captured.
McKinney, Robert F—Second Lieutenant, Co. H; captured (erroneously reported as killed).
McNiell, Allen R—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Mann, J J—Private, Co. I; slightly wounded, side.
Medley, Richard J—Second Lieutenant, Co. B; captured.
Melton, James M—Private, Co. K; slightly wounded, side.
Middlebrooks, C N—Private, Co. G; wounded and captured.
Millner, W M—Private, Co. D; wounded and captured.
Minton, Charles—Private, Co. G; captured.
Montell, Charles M—Captain, Co. G; severely wounded, thigh and cheek.
Morris, James R—Captain, Co. H; captured (erroneously reported as killed).
Newton, J J—Private, Co. D; captured (erroneously reported as killed).
Nichols, A C—Private, Co. E; captured.
Nicholson, Charles—Corporal, Co. G; wounded and captured.
Norman, David W—Private, Co. A; captured.
Oliphant, P G—Private, Co. K; killed.
Parnell, Brown C—Corporal, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Paschall, John D—Private, Co. A; slightly wounded, face.
Pearceall, B—Private, Co. H; captured.
Phipps, J C—Private, Co. I; captured.
Preston, C W—Private, Co. B; captured.
Privitt, Francis M—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Ray, F G—Sergeant, Co. D; captured.
Reeves, H P—Private, Co. G; killed.
Reynolds, Jackson V—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Richardson, W H—Private, Co. E; killed.
Ringo, L—Private, Co. G; wounded and captured.
Seay, Samuel L—Private, Co. B; slightly wounded, leg.
Siler, Andrew L—Corporal, Co. B; captured.
Simmons, C N—Private, Co. D; slightly wounded, left arm.
Smith, J D—Private, Co. G; severely wounded, shoulder.
Spradlin, A A—Private, Co. E; wounded and captured.
Staggs, John—Musician, Co. I; slightly wounded, head.
Starkey, J T—Private, Co. K; captured.
Stephenson, Arthur F—Major; seriously wounded, breast.
Strickland, Erwin—Private, Co. I; killed.
Sutherland, Sampson—Private, Co. I; missing.
Thomas, Chester A—Private, Co. F; captured.
Thomas, R G—Private, Co. H; killed.
Tolbert, Lewis—Private, Co. B; wounded and captured.
Tompkins, W T—Second Lieutenant, Co. K; killed.
Tyler, A L—Private, Co. B; captured.
Tyler, W T—Private, Co. G; slightly wounded, arm.
Walker, William B—Private, Co. A; wounded and captured.
Ward, L D—Corporal, Co. I; captured.
Watts, Robert—Private, Co. I; captured.
Wiggins, Jesse—Private, Co. B; captured.
Williams, Daniel A—Private, Co. A; seriously wounded, back; died of wounds.
Williams, Z—Corporal, Co. B; captured.