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Adams' Arkansas Infantry

As discussed in a previous thread, most of Adams' Regiment Arkansas Infantry deserted the field at the battle of Prairie Grove. Most accounts state that about 100 men ralled to the colors and stayed in the fight. The names of 76 of those men were listed in a payroll, dated February 26, 1863. The regiment had never been paid, so this payroll settled pay accounts from date of enlistment to October 31, 1862. At the time this payroll was made out, Adams' regiment had been disbanded, and most of the men listed were in service in the 27th (Shaler's) Regiment Arkansas Infantry.

If the estimates that approximately 100 men stayed in the fight are correct, then this payroll only accounts for three-quarters of them. At any rate, I've always considered this payroll a kind of "Roll of Honor" of Adams' ill-dated regiment.

Note: The names are recorded as per the original document, with some misspellings. Also, the ranks listed are those as of October 31, 1862. There were some promotions and demotions between that date and the date of the payroll.


Payroll—February 26, 1863

Adair, George—Private.
Cosdell, J R—Private.
Dillen, Joshua—Private.
Grant, George W—Private.
Holder, J F—First Sergeant.
Howerton, John—Corporal.
McCullough, Alex—Private.
McCullough, D—Private.
Nichols, Woodson—Private.
Stoops, Hugh—Private.
Whiteley, A P—Private.
Williams, F M—Private.

Britton, Thomas A—Corporal.
Dobbs, A C—Private.
Dobbs, W J—Private.
Freeman, Thomas—Private.
Gosha, F D—Private.
Hambrick, B W—Private.
McMahon, O B—Private.
McMillan, E J—Private.
Ozle, T J—Private.
Willis, Pinckney—Private.
Willis, W T—Private.

Bonner, George—Private.
Duncan, J H—Private.
Gibson, R B—Private.
Griffith, L P—Private.
Jones, J S—Private.
Marrs, J J—Sergeant.
Miller, George—Private.
Moore, J J—Private.
Ramsey, George—Sergeant.
Reeves, P G—Private.
Smith, C S—Private.
Stamps, J R—Corporal.
Stamps, L S—Private.
Strange, J H—Private.
Tate, B J—Sergeant.
Whiteley, L W—First Sergeant.
Williams, John—Private.
Wright, J M—Private.

Daily, Jno—Private.
Dobson, N B—Private.
Dodson, Eugene—Private.
Fullington, David—Private.
Graham, Isaac—Private.
Griggs, Ervin—Private.
Griggs, George—Private.
Griggs, Isaac—Private.
Griggs, J D—Private.
Hawkins, John A—Private.
Henry, B F—Private.
Holland, John B—Private.
Jennings, W J—Private.
Rogers, John—Private.
Shelton, H—Private.
Stamps, James—Private.
Tucker, Allen—Private.
Tucker, Robert—Private.
Tucker, William—Private.
Walls, A J—Private.
Walls, Dred—Private.

Armstrong, W—Private.
Beny, Z H—First Sergeant.
Cook, J—Private.
Drain, William—Private.
Hall, W M—Sergeant.
Montgomery, H C—Private.
Montgomery, W—Private.
Snoden, G—Private.
Stroud, F B—Private.
Tacker, S M—Private.

Hatley, Alfred—Private.

Freeman, Job—Private.
Gowens, W G—Private.
Owens, Rufus—Private.

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