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Organizational Roster of John F. Hill Camp

I would like to add a comment to explain what I have done in transcribing the following newspaper article. This was reproduced from the original newspaper article. The article was in exceptionally good condition and there were only a couple of torn spots where it was difficult to read. I made no attempt to correct any part of the article. The way it read is the way I typed it. There is only one name that I put a note on and that was, in my opinion, a typographical error. It is denoted with an *. Everything else is as it appeared.

Mark Hodge
February 8, 2007


Clarksville Herald
Sept. 22, 1892


Clarksville Welcomes the Heroes of Former Days.

Pursuant to a notice in a previous issue of this paper, early Saturday morning the gallant heroes of the ďLost CauseĒ came marching into town. About 12 oíclock they met at the Court House and organized by electing Col. J. E. Cravens chairman and E. T. McConnell secretary.

The chief object of the meeting was to form a confederate camp.

The following persons were enrolled:

J. P. Mitchell; age, 58; Churchillís regiment, 2nd Arkansas; Clarksville, Ark.
B. F. Griffin; age, 48; University Grays, 11th Mississippi; Clarksville, Ark.
R. W. Gray; age, 54; Churchill regiment, 2nd Arkansas; Clarksville, Ark.
John Stallings; age, 64; 3rd Georgia Cavalry, company A; Clarksville, Ark.
E. T. McConnell; age 46; Hillís regiment, company H, cavalry; Clarksville, Ark.
C. J. Stewart; age, 44; Hillís regiment, company C; Clarksville, Ark.
J. J. Foster; age, 48; company D, 45th Tennessee infantry regiment; Clarksville, Ark.
S. E. Hays; age, 55; company B, Hillís regiment, Arkansas cavalry; Clarksville, Ark.
Jasper N. Cowan; age, 58; company A, Mitchellís regiment, 14th Arkansas infantry; Fallsville, Ark.
John V. Hughes; age, 47; company H, Morganís regiment, 26th Arkansas infantry; Clarksville, Ark.
J. T. Middlebrooks; age, 62; company B, Harrisonís regiment, 32nd Georgia infantry; Clarksville, Ark.
H. F. Freeman; age, 52, company F, 2nd Ga. Infantry, Knoxville.
W. H. Smith, age 50, company C, Gordanís regiment, Harmony.
J. C. Hendrick, age 53, company I, 9th Alabama; Clarksville.
J. H. Laster, age 72, company L, Hillís reg. cavalry; Clarksville.
Alex Rogers, age 52, company H, Hillís reg. cavalry; Clarksville.
W. F. Porter, age 44, company H, Hillís reg. cavalry; Clarksville.
J. B. Hurn, age 62, company K, 34th regiment Alabama, Smeadley.
T. D. Choate, age 50, company I, 48th Tenn. Infantry, Knoxville.
J. G. Blair, age 48, company D, Gordonís regiment; Lamar.
D. N. Clark; age, 51; company C, Hillís 1st regiment, 16th infantry; 1st sergeant; Clarksville, Ark.
J. L. Nicholas; age, 59; company C, Hillís 1st regiment, 16th infantry; Clarksville, Ark.
J. C. Jones; age, 50; company B, Churchillís regiment; Clarksville, Ark.
J. M. Bush; age, 50; company K, 5th South Carolina regiment; Clarksville, Ark.
A. J. Moore; age, 62; Company D, 2nd Mississippi cavalry; Lamar.
J. A. White; age, 56; company C, Morganís regiment; Clarksville.
James R. Dillion; age, 48; company B, 8th Virginia cavalry, Clarksville.
I. S. C. Saterwhite; age, 55; company B, Waddell battalion, Ala., Ozone.
I. S. Love, age 48, company B, 9th Miss. Battalion; Lamar.
Ed Reynolds, age 50, company I, Hillís regiment, Lamar.
W. H. Hurt, age 54, Peelís Ark. regiment infantry; Clarksville.
J. B. Selby, age 60, Ala. Light artillery (Charperís); Clarksville.
W. J. Faust, age 50, company A, 31st Tenn. Infantry; Lamar.
A. C. Miller, age 45, Hillís regiment cavalry; Clarksville.
J. B. Porter, age 53, company C, 1st Ark. Mounted riflemen; Harmony.
G. W. Moody, age 54, company G, 5th Tenn., Infantry Reg.; Clarksville.
J. M. Jones; age, 48; company E, 7th Missouri cavalry, Clarksville.
R. D. Montgomery; age, 73; company H, 4th S. C. cavalry; Clarksville.
J. H. Myers; age, 47; company B, 12th Kentucky cavalry, Clarksville.
R. M. Traylor; age, 46; company E, Forest Old regiment; Clarksville.
W. F. Livly; age, 53; company F, Shavers reg., Ark. Inf.; Dale.
James King; age, 66; Churchillís regiment; Clarksville.
W. N. Watkins; age, 54; company E, 31st Arkansas infantry; Clarksville.
R. J. Dunlap; age, 54; company H, 4th S. C. cavalry, Clarksville.
John M. Turner; age 69, company C, Gordonís regiment cavalry; Hartman.
J. J. Quick; age 50, company I, 4th Ga. Regiment infantry; Cline.
A. N. Martin, age 53, company H, 26th Ark. Reg. infantry; Clarksville.
A. Williams, age 64, company H, 26 Arkansas reg. infantry; Dale.
W. H. Stone, age 53, company K, 3d Tenn. Infantry; Clarksville.
John McCarmac; age, 58; company F, Shaverís reg., Ark. Inf., Dale.
T. S. Hurt; age, 48; company G, Hillís reg., Ark. Cav., Clarksville.
H. W. Love; age, 41; company E; 37th reg., Va. Inf.; Clarksville.
W. E. Shurley; age, 49; company D, 60th regiment, Ala. Inf.; Clarksville.
J. W. Huddleston; age, 55; company F, 12th reg., Ark. Inf.; Grace.
C. S. Morgan; age, 65; company D, 16th reg., Texas inf.; Ludwig.
M. H. Hunt, age 52, company E, Hillís reg., Ark. cavalry, Coal Hill.
J. D. Hunt, age 50, company E, Hillís reg., Ark. cavalry, Coal Hill.
Colby Garrett, age 56, company H, 26th reg., Ark. cav., Clarksville.
J. T. Sykes, age 51, company H, 43rd reg., N. C. inf., Clarksville.
J. G. Stegall, age 50, company A, 24th regiment, Tenn. cav., Clarksville.
Henry Long, age 62, company H, Hillís cavalry, Powers.
J. H. Sanders, age 66, Wallaceís company state troops, Cline.
N. F. Connelly, age 57, company C, 16th Ark. Inf., Clarksville.
Wm. Adkins, age 52, company D, Gordonís reg., cavalry, Clarksville.
George Park, age 70, Bob Wilsonís company, Nicholas reg., Clarksville.
Leonard Park, age 45, Hillís reg., Scottís cav., Fort Douglass.
J. H. Gilliland, age 68, company H, Hillís regiment, Clarksville.
J. R. Cates, age 49, company G, 58th Alabama regiment; Davis.
R. C. Webster, age 50, company A, 16th Ark. Reg., Clarksville.
W. W. Farmer, age 60, company D, Gordonís regiment, cavalry, Lamar.
J. R. Miller, age 56, company Mississippi cavalry, Clarksville.
J. H. Blackburn, age 48, company H, Morganís regiment; Harmony.
W. S. King, age 58, company D, Gordonís regiment, Knoxville.
J. H. Griffin, age 47, company G, 26 Alabama; Clarksville.
J. N. Brown, company D, Gordonís regiment; Clarksville.
J. M. Thompson, company -; Clarksville.
R. S. Martin, age 56, company K, 30th Mississippi; Dale.
A. J. Clemmons, age 70, company B, Hillís regiment; Clarksville.
J. R. Donnell, age 56, company E, 19th Tenn. cavalry; Clarksville.
L. J. Walton, age 48, company D, Gordonís reg., Ark. Cav, Clarksville.
A. W. Wolf, age 52, company F, Clarksonís reg., Mo. Inf., 18th reg., Knoxville.
J. W. Mitchell, age 61, Pegramís bat Va. Art., Walkerís div., Jacksonís company; Clarksville.
T. I. Teagle, age 48, company F, 22d Louisiana Artillery; Clarksville.
J. H. Reeves, age 64, Capt. Buttsí company, Hillís reg.; Grace.
W. A. Blackwell, age 50, company D, 1st Louisiana battalion; Clarksville.
A. A. Burleson, age 76, 9th Ala. Reg.; Hartman.
T. G. Blackard, age 73, L, Hillís reg.; Clarksville.
S. W. Garrett, age 48, D, 2nd Ark. Cav.(Gordonís reg.), Clarksville.
J. E. Maulden, age 70, company G., Cobbís reg., Ga., Clarksville.
B. P. McKinney, age 68, company B, Hillís reg.; Clarksville.
J. W. Russell, age 61, company D, 3rd Ark. cavalry, Hagarville.
A. F. Moore, age 62, company G, 34th Geogia infantry, Clarksville.
Geo. R. Daniels, age 44, company H, Brooksí reg., 26th Ark. Inf., Clarksville.
Samuel Garrett, age 49, company D, Carrollís reg., Ark. cav., Clarksville.
J. S. Pollard, age 48, company C, 45th Alabama inf., Cline.
V. B. Hamlin, age 55, company E, 6th Texas infantry, Clarksville.
H. J. Shropshire, age 54, company D, 2nd Arkansas cavalry, Clarksville.
W. S. Hurt, age 77, company A, Pillowís Tennessee cav., Clarksville.
David Ransom, age 50, company B, 3rd Ga. Reg., Clarksville.
Jno. M. Reed, age 48, company G, 41st Miss. Reg.; Cline.
J. B. Westmoreland, age 56, company A, Palmetto bat., S. C.; Montana.
J. M. Armstrong, age 58, company K, 11th Texas, Smeadley.
E. D. Mason, age 48, company A, Pattersonís reg., 21st Ala.; Smedley.
W. S. Jett, age 45, company A, 1st bat. Ark. Cav.; Knoxville.
L. D. Perdue, aged 48, company A, Waddellís bat. Artillery; Clarksville.
S. A. Dixon, age 46, company E, 35th North Carolina; Clarksville.
J. E. Carey, age 47, company D, 2nd Arkansas cavalry, Hagarville.
W. C. Freeman, age 63, company K, 10th Georgia infantry, Clarksville.
J. R. Tolbert, age 55, company C, Phillipsí Ga. Legion, cav., Clarksville.
W. H. Rees, age 47, company H, 11th Mississippi, cavalry, Clarksville.
J. E. Cravens, age 61, 21st Ark. reg., infantry, colonel, Clarksville.
T. K. May, age 63, company H, Yellís inf., 26th regiment, Clarksville.
H. G. Wilson, age 64, 1st Arkansas Mounted Riflemen, Clarksville.
N. H. Lamb, age 49, company A, 24th Tennessee infantry, Montana.
A. N. Duty, age 62, company B, Morganís cav.; Clarksville.
J. M. Reese, age 69, company H, 11th Miss. cav.; Clarksville.
Jno. Blakeley, age 45, Company H, 30th Ala. Reg.; Davis.
W. G. Taylor, age 70, company B, Hillís reg., Ark. cav.; Clarksville.
I. C. Adams, age 53, company C, 1st Confed, cav., Ky. (Kingís); Montana.
D. P. Singleton, age 46, company F, 18th Miss. cav.; Spadra.
Geo. S. Adams, age 65, Carrollís reg. Ark. cav.; Knoxville.
P. M. Turner, age 49, 31st Miss inft.; Clarksville.
J. W. Morgan, age 44, Ezellís Tenn. Scouts, Clarksville.
C. R. Jenning, age 46, company F, 22nd Georgia infantry, Clarksville.
G. D. Rowsey, age 56, company F, 23nd Mississippi infantry, Ludwig.
T. D. Nichols, age 52, company K, 7th Arkansas infantry, Clarksville.
J. S. Hightower, age 62, company H, 26 Arkansas infantry, Smeadley.
W. R. Gray, age 48, company D, Gordonís Ark cavalry, Clarksville.
John C. Hill, age 53, company C, 1st Ark. Mounted Riflemen, Clarksville.
G. W. Paylor*, age 56, company D, Gordonís Ark. Cavalry; Ludwig.
*(Should be Taylor?)
J. C. Farmer, age 59, company H, 27th Ark. Infantry; Clarksville.
W. P. Hamilton, age 52, company E, 25th Ala. Inft.; Lamar.
J. E. Hamilton, age 50, company E, 25th Ala. Inft.; Mt. Springs, Texas.
T. B. Gay, aged 43, company H, 23d Ala. Inft.; Hartman.
T. J. Baskins, age 48, company C, 1st Ark. (Churchill); Cline.
Jno. C. Williams, age 50, company D, Palmetto, S. C.; Clarksville.
Jno. B. Mann, age 46, company L, Hillís reg.; Clarksville.
E. P. Black, age 46, company. F, 4th Texas cav.; Clarksville.
John Reed, age 48, company L, 26th Brooksí Ark. reg.; Harmony.
W. L. Ingram, age 70, Waddellís bat. Ala. Artillery; Clarksville.
A. King, age 65, company H, 27th Arkansas inf., Clarksville.
J. W. Hudson, age 52, company H, Brooksí regiment infantry, Davis.
S. H. Brinson, age 44, company C, 7th Alabama cavalry; Clarksville.
John A Nations, age 50, 1st Ga. Pioneers Infantry; Lamar.
O. H. P. Brown, age 69, Hillís Reg. cavalry; Clarksville.
J. D. Scott, age 51, company B, 1st East Tenn. Cavalry; Hartman.
T. N. Ingram, age 68, company D, 45th Ala. Infantry; Cline.
T. Rogers, age 53, company K, 19th Miss. Infantry; Knoxville.
W. E. Robins, age 48, company B, Phillipsí Ga. Legion Infantry; Knoxville.
S. H. Robins, age 52, company B, Phillipsí Ga. Legion Infantry, Knoxville.
D. L. Brigham, age 57, company D, 3rd Louisiana regiment, Hagarville.
J. L. Robertson, age 57, Jeffryís artillery, Knoxville.
J. D. Reid, age 45, company D, Gordon regiment cavalry, Clarksville.
L. Ward, age 61, company D, Gordonís regiment cavalry, Ozone.
James More, age 62, company I, 5th Tennessee cavalry, Hartman.
A. N. Cranford, age 59, company H, 46th Alabama reg., cavalry, Cline.
S. N. Thomason, age 47, company H, Hillís reg., cavalry, Clarksville.
H. Blackard, age 49, company A, 16th regiment infantry, Clarksville.
J. L. Farmer, age 51, Company H, 3rd Arkansas state troops, Clarksville.
P. H. Rampey, age 44, company A, state troops, Clarksville.
B. D. Pennington, age 65, company H, McCrea reg. Ark. Troops, Clarksville.
Sam Bradley, age 59, company H, Dibrellís reg. Tenn. Troops, Hagarville.
S. V. Blackburn, age 55, company D, Gordonís reg. cav., Clarksville.
T. J. Wood, age 50, company C, Gordonís regiment cav., Coal Hill.
John Langston.
R. M. Winn, age 46, Coffeeís regiment, Coal Hill.
J. S. Young, age 59, 15th Tennessee regiment, Clarksville.
A. M. Sharyer, age 55, company K, 17th Mississippi regiment, Clarksville.
S. G. Smith, age 44, Alabama, Cline.
Richmond J. Brown, age 70, company F, 5th Miss. cavalry, Clarksville.
Z. McCarrol, age 45, Coffeeís regiment, Ozone.
J. M. Johnson.
J. T. Arrington, age 47, company B, 31st Alabama regiment, Clarksville.
W. H. McConnell, age 56, company C, 16th Ark. Infantry, Clarksville.
J. C. Dillen, age 55, company E, Cleburneís 1st Ark. Reg., Lamar.
J. J. Taylor, age 50, company C, Churchillís regiment, Ludwig.

On motion, the camp was named the ďJohn F. Hill Confederate Camp.Ē

A committee on constitution and by-laws was appointed as follows: T. K. May, R. M. Traylor, W. S. Jett, J. M. Armstrong, J. R. Tolbert.

The constitution and by-laws as reported by the committee were adopted as a whole.

Dr. J. P. Mitchell delivered a stirring address.

John C. Hill was elected captain.
First Lieutenant, W. S. Jett.
Second Lieutenant, A. N. Martin.
Adjutant, E. T. McConnell.
Quartermaster, T. K. May.
Surgeon, Dr. J. P. Mitchell.
Chaplain, Rev. R. M. Traylor.
Officer of the Day, John M. Armstrong.
Vidette, J. G. Stegall.

On a call of the roll, 93 of those present stated that they would attend the re-union at Fort Smith, and it was agreed that all would meet at Clarksville on the morning of the 28th of Sept. and go to the train in a body.
E. T. McConnell was appointed a committee on transportation.


Lee May, John Howell, E. T. McConnell, A. S. McKennon, J. H. Powers and D. N. Clark contributed greatly to the success of the meeting.

The citizens of Clarksville gave the soldiers a complimentary dinner at the Roundtree House, and it was a good dinner, too, but the boys had not forgotten the hard tack and blue beef of their soldier days.

The old confederate flag brought out during the re-union is a relic of the late war. It was made by Miss Lyde Davis (now Mrs. J. C. Hill) and presented to Capt. John G. Connelleyís Company ďCĒ 16th Regiment Arkansas Infantry, Volunteers, in September, 1861, as the flag of the company. It was in the battle of Elk Horn, or Pea Ridge, Arkansas, on the 7th or 8th of February, 1862; also in the battles of Farmington, Iuka, and Corinth, Miss., and in the siege at Port Hudson, La. At Corinth, in the spring of 1862, Capt. Connelley resigned his office and J. W. Clark was elected captain of the company, and became the owner of the flag, and while gallantly leading his company to battle at Corinth, on the 4th of October, 1862, he lost his life, and his brother, D. N. Clark fell heir to the flag. At the fall of Port Hudson, he was a prisoner, but gave the flag to Capt. J.P. Yearwood, who had been promoted to captain of the company, and he concealed it under his clothing, made his escape through the federal lines and brought the flag home with him, walking the entire distance of 500 miles, and gave it to Mr. Clarkís mother, in August, 1863. She kept it through the destruction and desolation of the last eighteen months of the war, notwithstanding her houses were burned and she was compelled to go from place to place for safety. At the close of the fearful struggle, the flag which had been kept safely through all the peril and privation of that bloody period became a sacred relic, dear to each member of the family. It is made of common oil prints, bound with silk fringe, and is yet in a very good state of preservation. Mr. Clark also has a red silk sash that was worn by Col. Gray in the Mexican war. After his death, his widow married Col. John F. Hill, and during the late war, at Corinth, Mississippi, Col. Hill resigned his office to return home and raise another regiment of volunteers, which he did. Before leaving his first regiment he gave Capt. Clark his sash and sword as a token of his esteem. The sword was captured in the battle of Corinth, where Capt. Clark lost his life. The sash, like the flag, was kept through the war and is now in the possession of Mr. D. N. Clark.

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