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Hey Connie, I'm glad you got the records.'s Military Records Research Service is a great improvement over the National and State archives, isn't it?

Here's a couple of sites to add to your favorite bookmarks --

First, is the National Park Service "Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System" This site lists the names (and alternate spelling) of every soldier, sailor and marine who is listed in the Compiled Service Records. You can focus your search by setting the parameters in the various fields (Union or Confederate, State, Regiment, arm of service, etc.) Note that there are errors in this system. It was transcribed by non-NPS volunteers and they made many mistakes (such as a whole bunch of Arkansas soldiers whose surnames begin with "K" who are missing). But overall this is a must-see site.

Second, is the "Civil War Rosters -- All States" site which is a free personal website that has links to rosters for Union and Confederate regiments. It helps to have a pop-up blocker when visiting this site.

Another site that's not as comprehensive regarding rosters, but has links to regimental histories, is the "Confederate Regimental History Index" This is Ken Jones' excellent site and one of my favorites. Once you find your veteran, this site can steer you to the history of the regiment he served in. Very professional looking site, easy to navigate. Also has links for Union regiments. I visit this site a lot, and always find something new.

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