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The Unknown Campaign

At the same time Price left for Missouri, Kirby Smith sent a small army under Maj. Gen. John Bankhead Magruder into northern Arkansas to cover his return.

The September-October 1864 campaign involving Magruder and Fred Steele has been pretty much ignored by historians.

Magruder had a large enough force that he could have played havoc with Steele's forces. Steele was very weak in cavalry so he was not very mobile. But an offensive against the Federals were not part of Magruder's orders or his inclination.

I believe an opportunity for an important Confederate victory was lost here.

That may have become even more likely if Smith had ordereds a combined operation against Steele with Price's cavalry and Magruder's forces would have netted important results.

Accounts of this campaign can be found in volume 41 of the official records.


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The Unknown Campaign
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