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Solon at age 50, was placed in charge of Confederate Army's Western Department's, Upper Arkansas, November 5, 1861 till January 10,1862, post vacated by General William J HARDEE, taking with him all good equipment, materials, and experienced troops, leaving behind useless equipment or materials and inexperienced raw recruits. < <>

Major-General William J HARDEE served as commandant since August 29, 1861 until October 3rd, then Colonel Solon BORLAND inherited the position November 5th till December 14th(sick leave), which he pleaded to be relieved in letter of November 10th for it was a position for a "general", I assume D F DANLEY took charge then found January 15.1862 under command of Major-General Earl VAN DORN (1820MS-1863TN), known as Trans-Mississippi Department.

Much relevant documented historical military information was gathered on Jim MARTIN's Arkansas Civil War Board,
<> and Solon's service records from Arkansas History Commission (2/09/07).

A political debacle erupted in Randolph county over Solon's General Order of 29 November1861, concerning food stuffs. This being Solon's attempt to protect army (and citizens), as had been done in Missouri, from speculators of price gauging Arkansas' short supply of home grown crops --- ending as one of few political battles Solon lost. Governor Henry Massie RECTOR (Solon's second at1846 pistol duel with fellow mason B J BORDEN), essentially supporting speculators, won even after receiving former friend Solon's thirteen page letter. This one-term governor was mad because all Arkansan troops were shipped east leaving none to protect Arkansas.