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Re: Numerical designation of Adams Ark. Inf.?

Hi Again Bryan!
I don't know if you remember me, but I posted many times here searching for my GGG Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Jones.
Well alot has happened since my posts.
I believe I may have found my Benjamin Franklin Jones (There are so many B.F. Jones who served in the civil war!!)
First a quick review of my original Benjamin was living in Sevier County Arkansas at the outbreak of the war. 3 of his brothers served in the CSA for Arkansas ( 2 died while serving) 1 brother served in Texas and the last one, I haven't found yet. My Benjamin was said to have died in 1865 ( unknown how and when). Recently I found where his death was Nov 1 1865.( but not what caused it)
Well I could find no Benjamin Franklin Jones who served in Arkansas that might be mine. At the age of 30 in 1861, you suggested he might be part of the home Guard.
I also recently received a note where the only widows pension for Nancy Elizabeth Jones, ( my Benjamin's wife) was Benjamin Franklin Jones of the 12th Missouri cavalry. (I do not know when or where Nancy died)
So I sent for the CMSR for this Benjamin. I believe this is my Benjamin, from the CMSR ( but not 100%)

The CMSR copy had the following;
That this Benjamin enlisted in the Missouri 12th Cavalry April 1 1863 (Shank's Reg.), in Company K. He was present for the Jan/Feb muster roll of 1864. He was transfered to Company E ( Shank's Reg.) Jan 1 1864.
Now the interesting part!
along with the CMSR came a "Title of Record". It listed B.F. Jones, Prvt of Co. K, Shank's Regt.

In the "Subject:" it listed him as "in arrest"
The "tiltle of Record has "L.& Dis. R." ( do you know what this means?)
"Trans.Miss. Dept. - Marmaduke"
dated "April 17 1864"
I do not know much about the Battle of Prairie D'Ane, but I read where on the Morning of April 16th General Steele arrived in Camden. Wouldn't this be the perfect place for this Benjamin to be recorded as " arrested"?
I also read where Gen. Marmaduke departed Arkansas in April of 1863 ( the time of this Benjamins enlistment) with 5,000 men alot of them of the Calvary.
The thing that I have'nt figured out yet is that this Benjamin enlisted in Jackson County Missouri by Col. B.F. Parker.

What do you think ?

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