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Steamship "Millboy"

I am at a deadend in my Research of the Steamship "Mill Boy" which sank in early 1864 in the White River between Jacksonport and Batesville. The supplies on board were for the Post being maintained at Batesville (consisting of the 1st Nebraska Calvary Col Livingston Commanding), 11th Missouri Calvary. She sank during a heavy thunderstorm when she struck a snag and sank. The sinking of this ship placed extreme hardship on the post. In a letter to the commander of the Depotat Devall's Bluff, he stated tht if he did not get a boat of supplies soon, then the Batesville post would have to be abandoned.

I am hoping to find the exact location of the wreck. Old maps from the Army Corps of Enginers indicate a spot known as Millboy Shoals. Is anyone familiar with this part of the River? Also does anyone know of any photographs of the ship or know any of the crew members?
The Army and Navy museums, and Library of Congress, has yielded some great information butno lists of crews, or photos of the ship or crew.

My interest in the "Millboy" was because it was the transport ship that carried the 4 companies of the 63rd Illinois Infantry that burned Hopefield, Arkansas to the ground, while being escorted/protected by the Gunship "Cricket". I think this ship should be remembered for just a few sentences in Historical Quarterlies, and a few pages/entries in the Official Records.