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Missouri anti-guerrilla policy

Rolla, Mo., September 22, 1864.
Special Orders, No. 145.


6. Lieut. L. Storz, Fifth Regiment Cavalry Missouri State Militia, will proceed, with twenty-five men and five days' light rations in haversacks, to the country between Mill Creek and Spring Creek, in search of guerrilla bands and disloyal persons. The former will be pursued and exterminated, taking no prisoners in arms, except such as voluntary surrender previous to conflict. The latter when found guilty of harboring and feeding guerrillas will be warned out of the State and their houses burned, their fences and crops destroyed. The inhabitants of the country will be warned that aiding and assisting the enemies of this Government, whether in regular force or when acting as guerrillas, will call down certain destruction on them, and that the commandant of this district gives them a friendly warning, which he hopes they will heed, and save him from the disagreeable duty that will devolve on him when they are detected in such practices. Lieutenant Storz will call on the officer in command at Little Pina for a guide and such advice and assistance as he may need in the execution of these orders. He will make the power of the Government felt and respected in the counties he moves through by the good order and discipline of his men and respect for the property of the loyal; next by the destruction of every house and farm where the occupants have violated the repeated orders of this department against feeding and harboring or giving aid and information to bushwhackers.


By order of Brig. Gen. John McNeil,
Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.

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