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New York Herald Oct 15, 1864

New York Herald Oct 15, 1864


Recapture of Pilot Knobb [sic] by Our Forces - General Price Still at Booneville, #c

St. Louis, Oct. 14, 1864

A despatch from Major Williams, of the Tenth Kansas, says he has taken possesion of Pilot Knobb and the surrounding region. He found two hundred and fifteen wounded rebels there, including twenty-six commissioned officers, evidence conclusive that the rebels lost over fifteen hundred killed and wounded in their attack on Pilot Knobb. Nearly $100,000 worth of goods of different descriptions were taken from stores at Pilot Knobb and vicinity.

General Rosecrans has issued a stringent order for the government of the coming election.

Price's headquarters are still reported at Booneville. Shelby and General John B Clark, son of a former Congressman of that district, are north of the Missouri river, pillaging and conscripting.

Our garrisons have evacuated Fulton, Sturgeon, Huntsville, Glasgow and Fayette, and are concentrating at Macon City. Clark's men occupied Glasgow and robbed Fulton.

General Price made a speech at Booneville, stating that he came to redeem the people; that it was the last effort in their behalf; if they would rally.....