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Blunt accused of profiteering

KANSAS CITY, MO., November 2, 1863.

Major-General Schofield, Commanding Department of the Missouri.

Just arrived via Fort Scott. Blunt has gone to Fort Smith with a large Government train, 200 wagons, loaded with contraband of war.

He is partner. He openly defies you and the Government. Lane has encouraged him. The goods are to be sold to rebels. Allow me to suggest the stoppage of the train, and its search, via Cassville. The report at Fort Scott is that a large amount of buried treasure is at Fort Smith and Van Buren. I make this statement upon my honor as an officer. I believe a treasonable design is on foot. If mistaken, no harm can result from an examination of the train. McNeil should be warned, as I believe there is a design to overawe him.

Colonel 10th Kansas Volunteers.


Kansas City, Mo., November 2, 1863.

Maj. Gen. John H. Schofield, Commanding Department, &c., St. Louis.

General—The dispatch of Colonel Weer to you of this date relates to a matter of which you will doubtless think I should have been informed, and should advise you.

I am reliably informed that two hundred wagon-loads of sutlers’ stores are being sent to Fort Smith with the train which left Fort Scott Tuesday last. Alexander McDonald, of Fort Scott, a well-known merchant and Government contractor there, sends the goods, and himself claims appointment as sutler at Fort Smith, from General Blunt. It seems to be admitted the appointment is not regular, but it is expected that General Blunt will make it regular when he gets there. There is said to be $100,000 worth of the goods. I heard nothing as to the character of the goods, nor as to their being carried in Government wagons. It may be that all that Colonel Weer says on the subject is true, as I made no special inquiry on the subject. It is, however, commonly understood that General Blunt is interested in the prospective profits, if not in the investment. This is doubtless so.
* * *

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


St. Louis, November 2, 1863.

Brigadier-General McNeil.

It is officially reported to me that Major-General Blunt has started from Fort Scott for Fort Smith with a large train loaded with goods contraband of war, of which he is part owner; that he openly defies me and the Government. You will at once search the train, and ascertain the truth of this matter. If you find the report true, you will arrest General Blunt in my name, and send him to St. Louis. If he refuses to obey the order of arrest, or refuses to turn over the command to you and return to Leavenworth, you will arrest him by force and send him to St. Louis under guard.

You will seize all contraband goods and arrest all persons engaged in contraband trade.


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