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Chuck this is the report for the Skirmish that I menntione din the previous reply. I am not sure that this is the "Selma, Arkansas" that you are looking for This seems to be a long way from Drew county.

MAY 29, 1864.- Capture of Wagon train at Salem, Ark.

Report of Major James Rainsford, Assistant Adjutant-General, Missouri State Militia.

ROLLA, MO., May 30, 1864.

MAJOR: A command of about 70 men, under Captain Crocker, Second Wisconsin Cavalry, left here yesterday for West Plains to escort a train of Union refugees from Jacksonport, Ark. This evening a party of his men, about 5, were sent in by him with the intelligence that the train was attacked at Salem, Ark., by 300 guerrillas. The entire train was burnt and about 80 men and some women killed. They were sent from Jacksonport by Colonel Livingston, with 200 or the First Nebraska as escort, but the escort was called back, and thus left unprotected a force of about 150 men. Start to-morrow with a train; this, with Captain Crocker's command, will make over 200 men. It will leave this place very scant of troops, and it is highly necessary that additional troops should be sent up here. These refugees have lost everything, and if not assisted must starve. I have consulted with Colonel Sigel, and this is the conclusion we have come to. The command starts at 6 a. m. to-morrow.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

(OR's Vol 34, part I, page 956/957)

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