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Guide to Missouri Units

I got my copy of Jim McGehee's Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861-1865 this week. I ordered it a long time ago, when it was first announced. I don't know why it took so long to get here, but it was well worth the wait.

Arkansas researchers will find this a great resource, since so many Arkansans served in Missouri regiments, and those Missouri regiments campaigned throughout Arkansas all during the war.

The book is formatted similar to Art Bergeron's Guide to Louisiana Confederate Units, 1861-1865, and they make fine companion volumes, a must-have set for serious Trans-Mississippi researchers.

Each Missouri unit has a narrative history, a list of field officers, and a list of companies (with captains and county of origin, including Arkansas companies).

Jim's meticulous research is well-referenced, and includes a supplemental bibliography and over 20 photographs, including a couple of group photos (12th Missouri Cavalry).

I'll put together a more comprehensive review for the Civil War Media and Book Review message board, but I wanted to give my Arkansas colleagues an early heads-up about this new book.