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9th Wisconsin Infantry diary

I just came across an interesting diary that I thought some might be interested in. The diary was written by a soldier in the 9th Wisconsin Infantry. The author, Michael Zimmer, was a German by birth, but he had been a resident of the United States for many years prior to the war. In fact, he actually served in the Mexican War as well.

The diary was originally written in German, but the publication I found also has an English translation. It is titled simply, "Michael Zimmer's Diary." Many of the entries are brief, like you often find in Civil War diaries However, quite a few of them are also very detailed and interesting, and many of them are thought provoking too. It is obvious that Zimmer was an educated man. His entries on the aftermath of the battle of Prairie Grove and the Camden Expedition are particularly noteworthy. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in yet another perspective on Civil War Arkansas.