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Depot Qtr. Master at Camden, Ark. April 20th. 1864

Our army consists of one division under Genl. Carr made up of six (6) regiments of cavalry and one Battery, another Division under Genl. Solomon made of nine (9) regiments of Infantry and three (3) Batteries and another under General Thayer made of three (3) regiments of Cavalry, six (6) of Infantry and four (4) Batteries, making in all Nine (9) regiments of Cavalry, Fifteen (15) of Infantry and eight (8) Batteries,..."

The average strenght of a Union Regiment at this time from most generalized accounts such as the three regiments of Infantry Captured at Marks Mill was about 350 to 400 men per regiment of Cavalry, or Infantry.

These figures fit pretty well in that the combine Infantry and Cavalry for Steele's army was about 9,000 men plus about 1,000 men in the Artillery and then the ordanance and supply trains.

10,000 to 12,000 men was about the size of the Union Army in Arkansas at any one time during 1862 throught 1865. By the time you subtract for the garrisons left behind to protect Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Benton, and Brownsville/DeVal's Bluff, there couldn't have been more than 10,000 men with Steele at Camden. At Pine Bluff for example there were 3 regiments of Cavalry (5th Kansasa, 1st Indiana, and 7th Missouri) and 2 regiments of Infantry (28th Wisconsin and 13th Illinois) each of who strenth was about 350 men each including sick and disabled.

Actually Steele had a pretty small army and poorly supplied concidering what their objectives were, in my opinion.

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