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A. J. Frazier and M. V. Temples

I found this reference talked about on the MS board. While looking someone up I happened on copying a page with two Arkansas men included.

The Medical and surgical history of the Civil War

Barnes, Joseph K., 1817-1883.

Publisher: Broadfoot Publishing Co.,
Pub date: 1990-1991.
Pages: 12 v. ;
ISBN: 0916107868
the author is listed as the United States Surgeon Generals Office.

Just to note, one very distant relative of mine was listed under the chapter on amputees and it said "these names will enable the student to refer to the cases in the manuscript files of the Surgeon Generals office...."

Listed in the chapter on "Wounds and Injuries to the Head" were:

Private A. J. Frazier Co. D. 3d Arkansas Regiment was wounded in the engagement on the Williamsburg Rd. Virginia, October 27th, 1864... On October 29th He was admitted to the Receiving and Wayside Hospital at Richmond...died on [November]the 11th,....

Sergeant M. V. Temples, Co. A, 2nd Arkansas Regiment aged 24 years, was wounded at Rocky Face Ridge, Georgia, May 8th, 1864...On the next day [May 9th] he was admitted to the Institute Hospital at Atlanta... He died on June 8th, of asthenia...

There is a 3 volume index with this set of volumes. Indexes 2 and 3 are alphabetical by name and also by types of injuries etc. Index 1 took the names from 2 and 3 and sorted them (when known) by their states (regiments?). There is more in the paragraphs for each of the two men above and Mr. Howerton if you want a scan of the page I copied shoot me an email address somehow since I think the email function is still turned off, I don't know how and don't wish to post my email address directly. Perhaps you already have access to the reference and don't need it but since you collect all kinds of data on every Arkansas man you can find I wanted to let you know of it. The rest of the paragraphs on the two men have more dates and alot of the "gory details" that go with war and I don't know that the board is the place to post such nor do I care to read such- I just skimmed for the highlights and tried to overlook the "details" as best I could (yes, just a bit "squeamish").

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