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New 3rd Ark Letters Found

Gentlemen, and ladies, I am pleased to inform you all that I have recently come across a short series of letters from a Lt. in the 3rd Arkansas Infantry. E.O. Hundley, the author of most of the letters, and his brother, wrote back home until they were, from what their decendant related to me, shot by yankee sharpshooters. They were both killed extremely early in the war- I believe the latter of the two was killed as early as Jan 1862. What strikes me about these letters are the things that are discussed- from stock market vales following 1st Manassas to foreign politics. This man was extraordinarily educated...too bad he didnt survive a few more years!
These letters are now posted onto I only have one more letter to post and the others are easily found on the front page. You can't miss the 3rd Ark Battle Flag. I welcome any thoughts and/or history associated with them. Does anyone know Cal Collier's contact info? I am sure he would like to read these.

Ron Kelley