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A Goggle Search will lead off with information on Krone along with a photo in uniform.

The lead begins

Paul Krone,
A Belle Point Guard
The Belle Point Guards of Fort Smith were
composed almost entirely of Germans, with orders
given in German. The only engagement this
Company saw was at the battle of Wilson's Creek.
They then, along with their dead and wounded,
made the trip back to Fort Smith. As with other
locally raised companies, they disbanded, many to
go into other Confederate forces.
We only have names of a few of the members of
the Belle Point Guards: Capt. Hurtzig, Joseph
Eberle, John Ehing, Joseph Knobel, Charles
Munder, Adam Endres, Schoeppe, Speaker, F. W.
Boas, Selsax, Carl Grober, Stoppleman, Guler,
John Sengel. Mr. Sengel, at 51, was the oldest man
of any Company raised in Fort Smith to join the
State troops.
Paul Krone, along with John Lucey, are believed
to be the two who hauled down the Stars and Stripes
that were still on the flagstaff after Capt. Sturgis
pulled his Union troops out, and they then put up the
Confederate colors.
Mr. Krone is of further interest to us historically.
He took the first photograph in Arkansas in 1858,
which was a self-portrait made with a camera
operated with a string attachment. He also painted
daguerreotypes and tin types.
He was born in Breslau, Germany, January 22,
1830 and came to America around 1855. He came
first to New Orleans and then Little Rock. In 1856, he
married Mary Anna Theurer who had been visiting
from Germany and was on her way back to that
country. Mary had come to New Orleans several
years previously to visit her Uncle Rudolph Theurer.
Because of a raging epidemic of yellow fever in that
city, she was sent to Fort Smith to be with her
brother George Theurer. Mary became homesick
for Germany and she departed

George Martin

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