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From Danny Odom

1862 notes excerpted from The Alexander Papers and compiled service records

5/21/62 Rec’d Camp Churchill Clark
5/20 endorsed & forwarded Col Whitfield cdg 2nd Bgde- to D W Floweree AAAG 2nd Bgde 1st Div Army of the West -We the undersigned officers at present w/the 17th Ark Regt of Infantry commanded by Col F A Rector having learned through one of their number that Gen Van Dorn stated to him that the Regt behaved badly in face of the enemy on the battlefield of Elk Horn, 3/9/62, and being confident that the movements of the Regt have been unfairly reported to him respectfully ask that a court of inquiry assemble within the limits of the Division command from which we can make testimony fully exonerating their associates in arms and themselves from any charge affecting their character & standing as Southern soldiers & gentlemen
Earnestly asking that this communication be forwarded to the Hqs of the army of the West for early action-
Jno Griffith Lt Col
Capt Dotson
Capt Jett

7/5 Ft Smith, Major Pearce to Hindman-I am very much dissatisfied with the way affairs are being conducted out West, and l desire to exclude Col Carroll from this general complaint. He is active, as his health, which is bad, will…
…Frank [A.] Rector is now north of the river, en route to Fayetteville, with some 400 men mounted, and not well armed. There are some 350 to 500 infantry here and in the neighborhood, but almost entirely without arms.

7/11 Rector appointed Colonel

7/11 The 35 Ark aka 1st [Rector’s] NW Div org by companies in June-organized to Regt 7/11
7/11 Capt James P King to Major
7/11 George to Lt Col

7/11-8/7 F&S stationed at Camp Johnson
7/17 Capt. Green USA-I could hear of no armed forces near Tahlequah, and at Fort Smith on the 13th there were but 400 men to garrison the post. Col Rector had passed 15 miles east and south of Tahlequah on the 14th en route for Fort Gibson to join Cooper
7/19 Bossert apptd QM of Regt

7/19 Wm Bourne apptd Adjutant of Regt

7/26 Fort Smith, Col Rector to Richmond enclosing letter of Col John Griffith requesting that the balance of his [Rector's] be ordered here from the other side of the Ms where it is now serving

7/27 Fort Smith, Col Carroll to Hindman-
Major Gipson’s command is mustered into the service at last he report five Companies [with a] total strength [of] 375 men with only 170 guns
Rector’s Regt not yet armed…

8/11 Rector files his bond for QM [3/20 resigned as Col of 17th Ark]
8/12 Rector’s bond forwarded from Little Rock
8/18 Rector writing to Capt J D Adams, chief QM for TM Dist-saying—having been apptd QM for the 1st Bgde NW Dist, Col Carroll cdg-I hereby submit my bond
Aug 62-Col Charles Carroll cdg 1st Bgde NW Dist had this command in Aug & I was informed that he was directed by Gen Hindman to appoint a Bgde QM. He accordingly appointed Frank A Rector who executed bond and was endorsed by Gen Holmes. As written in letter of 4/16/63 House of Reps- Felix Batron to Seddon- Maj Rector has since been discharged & I ask for his appointment & commission

8/12 Capt McCord appointed Major

8/16 Left Camp Johnson
8/18 Rector writing to Capt J D Adams, chief QM for TM Dist-saying—having been apptd QM for the 1st Bgde NW Dist, Col Carroll cdg-I hereby submit my bond

8/24 Hindman arrived at Ft Smith and found an armed force of 2500 Infy, 3600 white Cav and about 3000 Indians, and 14 guns assigned to the various Regts, but were severely short of all types equipment and arms. Hindman continued his aggressive movements forward regardless of shortages.

8/27 Mt Comfort-James George Col Cdg 1st Infy Regt the N. W. Div Of Ark
Morning report of the 1st Infy Regt N. W. Dept of Ark commanded by Col James George

8/31 hdqrs. 1st Infy Regt, Col Cmdg. Regt-James George to Hqs-Gives reasons for refusing transportation to Major F A Rector

9/9 QM items issued by Rector to Col Carroll
9/9 QM items issued by Rector to Capt Henry West
9/17 QM items issued by Rector to Capt Wesley Roberts

10/23 Hindman’s Adjt directs Maj Rector to furnish couriers w/funds for travelling expense
10/24 Rector issues funds to dispatch riders-near White River-riders signing for the funds
10/24 Camp War Eagle-Rector mentioned as Maj & Bgde QM for 2nd Bgde, Carroll cdg who issues order directing him to pay funds to express riders

11/3 Camp on Mulberry, Hindman to Roane-place Major F. A. Rector, Q. M. & etc., in arrest and order him to report in person at these HQs without delay. He is either at Fort Smith or Van Buren.

11/4 Camp on Mulberry, Hindman to Roane, Fort Smith-Since ordering his arrest, Gen Hindman has become satisfied that Maj. F. A. Rector intended no dereliction of duty in absenting himself from here. You will please relive him from arrest, therefore, and order him to report here as soon as it is practicable for him to do so.

The Civil War Letters of brothers William H. H. and John S. Shibley written to their DEAR PARENTS
Originally Compiled and Edited by RUIE ANN SMITH PARK Van Buren, Ark
Letter No. 3
Envelope: Camp Cunningham, Arks. Henry Shibley, Van Buren Arks by the hand of Capt. Wallace
Camp Cunningham Aug. 30th 1862
Dear Parents
I embrace the present opportunity to drop you a few lines. We are both well and in good spirits. Mr. Jas. S. Bushong has got a discharge on account of enlargement of the veins of the leg, called by the Doctor varicose veins. Uncle George has arrived as you stated, yesterday evening. They return to you this morning.
Your letter of the 26th was received on the 18. It gave us much pleasure to hear from you. It is reported that a forward move is intended in the course of the coming week. Gen. Hindman has been here. He left yesterday for Gen. Raines quarters. Great discipline prevails in the Army. Card playing has been suppressed by order of Col. George.
Capt. Coopers Missouri company has left this Regt. They will go to Raines. Dudley Onstot was in that company. The Boys from your neighborhood are all well except Mr. Spoon. He has had two chills.
Give yourselves no uneasiness about us. We have been in the service about two months and have had very good health so far.

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