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Arkansas CW Pensioners in Kentucky

Kentucky authorized a system of Confederate pensions in 1912. There were 34 approved pensions for veterans and/or widows based on service in an Arkansas regiment. If anyone is interested, here are the Arkansas pensioners --

0004 Abbott, Marietta McMullen—widow of Charles S. Abbott, 3rd Arkansas State Troops.
0026 Bailey, Mary E. Murray—widow of William Bailey, 8th Arkansas Infantry.
0147 Clark, Samuel C—1st Arkansas Infantry.
0231 Quisenberry, Rachel M. Thomas—widow of William C. Quisenberry, 8th Arkansas Infantry.
0462 Hatchett, Edwin A—2nd (Slemons’) Arkansas Cavalry.
0913 O’Brien, Cornelius W—1st Arkansas Infantry.
0952 Randle, Wilbur F—1st Arkansas State Troops.
1084 White, William P—2nd (Carroll’s) Arkansas Cavalry.
1322 Green, William—8th Arkansas Infantry.
1598 Balance, William—1st (Gordon’s) Arkansas Cavalry.
1883 Ryan, Cornelilus M—7th Arkansas Infantry.
2041 Blackburn, Mattie Mullins—widow of John C. Blackburn, 14th Arkansas Infantry.
2081 Crumbaugh, Sue C. D. Winter—widow of David B. Crumbaugh, 1st (Dobbin’s) Arkansas Cavalry.
2209 Morris, William W—9th Arkansas Infantry.
2238 Parrott, Lebanon—5th Arkansas Infantry.
2430 Lansdale, James W—23rd Arkansas Infantry.
2448 Oliver, Allen F—36th Arkansas Infantry.
2559 Brashear, Alice J. Wimp—widow of Richard H. Brashear, 3rd Arkansas Infantry.
2780 Reid, Josephine O’Hara—widow of Samuel V. Reid, 3rd Arkansas Infantry.
2909 Adkins, Nancy A. Jones—widow of Harrison Adkins, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry.
3018 Oliver, Phoebe J. Haskins—widow of Allen F. Oliver, 36th Arkansas Infantry.
3087 Lawrence, Mary J. Frost—widow of James S. Lawrence, 10th Arkansas Infantry.
3368 Crabb, Robert W—47th Arkansas Mounted Infantry.
3373 Owen, Annie Burke—widow of Lester J. Owen, 45th Arkansas Mounted Infantry.
3591 Clark, Sarah C. Rieves—widow of Samuel C. Clark, 1st Arkansas Infantry.
3599 Heath, Robert D—25th Arkansas Infantry.
3683 Ford, Catherine Peck—widow of Josiah Ford, 2nd Arkansas Infantry.
3724 Lansdale, Kate E. McKoy—widow of James W. Lansdale, 23rd Arkansas Infantry.
3832 Randle, Martha Park—widow of Wilbur F. Randle, 1st Arkansas State Troops.
3847 Brown, Martha A. Beadles—widow of James H. Brown, 38th Arkansas Infantry.
4012 Heath, Obelia Kemper—widow of Robert D. Heath, 25th Arkansas Infantry.
4161 O’Brien, Cornelia Manning—widow of Cornelius W. O’Brien, 1st Arkansas Infantry.
4513 Lawrence, William—2nd Arkansas Infantry.
4832 Yates, Martha A. A. Collins—widow of L. H. C. Yates, 6th Arkansas Infantry.

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