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Flags from the Battle of Center Point 1868

I am working on an article regarding the Militia during Reconstruction. On November 14, 1868, General Robert Catterson and Major Josiah H. Demby led a raid on a suspected Klan organization at Center Point, in Howard County. After a short battle on the edge of town, the militia captured what was described as a Klan meeting hall. In the hall the militia men found a flag described as

"Stars and Bars were spread on the altar in the center of the room. The flag had Seymore [Seymour] and Blair lettered on it."

I knew that the old state house had a flag associated with the Raid on Center Point, and had always assumed that it was the Confederate Flag described above. I recently discovered that the flag at the Old State House is in fact the flag that was carried by Major Demby's First Regiment, Arkansas State Guard.

Any thoughts on the Confederate flag from Center Point? What would Seymore [Seymour] and Blair have been in reference to. Was this really a Klan relic or a surviving war time flag. Any idea what became of it?

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Flags from the Battle of Center Point 1868
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