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Josiah Demby in the Pine Bluff Artilllery?

I was not aware that Josiah Demby was in the Jefferson County Militia, prior to the beginning of hostilities.

Before the Civil War, Demby served as a sergeant in a local militia unit known as the Pine Bluff Artillery. When Governor Henry Rector turned these state militia units over to the Confederate government in July 1861, about half of the men in the Pine Bluff Artillery declined to serve in the newly-formed Confederate unit. Demby joined the 4th Arkansas Cavalry, Company G, of the United States Army when it was formed in Little Rock in the fall of 1863, and held the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

After the war Demby settled in Montgomery County near Mount Ida, married, and engaged in farming, soon becoming one of the wealthiest men in the county. In 1868, he was elected to the state legislature, representing Hot Spring, Montgomery, Polk, and Scott counties, and served one term. During this period, Demby was called upon by Governor Powell Clayton to serve as a Major in a state militia unit known as Catterson's Militia, who was given the task of policing south Arkansas during a period of unrest resulting from the disfranchisement of Confederate sympathizers. (Source: Columns, Newsletter of the Old State House Museum, Fall 2008 issue)

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